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Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting in the US: How to Prepare and Communicate Evolving Requirements    NEW  
By Tiffany Rasmussen

Flourish Fi: Empowering Positive Money Habits    NEW  
By Gloria Lee, Christopher Bernhart, Kyle Dickey, Alexandra Ferreira

Just Climate: A New Investment Model?    NEW  
By Jillian Grennan and Laura D. Tyson

Maersk: Driving Culture Change at a Century-Old Company to Achieve Measurable Results (A)    NEW  
By Jennifer A. Chatman

Maersk: Driving Culture Change at a Century-Old Company to Achieve Measurable Results (B)    NEW  
By Jennifer A. Chatman

Siemens Healthineers: A Digital Journey    NEW  
By David Teece, Asta Pundziene, Tobias Gutmann, Frank Konopka, Marc Schlichtner



Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage: Separating Fact From Fiction
By Andrew Isaacs, Natàlia Costa i Coromina, and Aditya Aggarwal

Engaging with Startups 2.0: Involving Competitors—A Telefónica Perspective
By Henry Chesbrough, Sea Matilda Bez, and Augustín Moro

The Future of Org1: In Invitae or Out?
By Heather Whiteman

Is Hydrogen the Future of Clean Energy for Business?
By Andrew Isaacs and Natàlia Costa i Coromina

Net Zero Climate Commitments: Realistic Goal or Branding Exercise?
By Andrew Isaacs and Natàlia Costa i Coromina

São Paulo’s Housing Movement Organizations: Activists Squat, Lobby, and Protest for Affordable Housing
By Sara Beckman, Nuno Gil, Felipe Massa, and Cristina Sousa

SLB: Disrupting the Traditional Energy Industry Through AI Drilling Innovation
By Zsolt Katona and Thomas Lee

TruthCRM Competitive Auction in Mergers and Acquisitions Simulation
By Peter Bershatsky, Peter D. Goodson, Victor Lecelere, Hannah Greenberg, Christine Jan, and Andrew King

UC Berkeley Chou Hall: Can the TRUE Zero Waste Team Overcome Challenges to Achieve Top Certification?
By Frank Schulz and Jessica Heiges

UK’s Embassy Village: Collaborating Across Public, Private, and Nonprofit Sectors to Tackle Rough Sleeping
By Sara Beckman, Nuno Gil, and Özge Kutun



Aptera: The First Time Around (A)
By Lee Fleming and Olav Sorenson

Aptera: Technology and Manufacturing Choices (B)
By Lee Fleming and Olav Sorenson

Aptera: The Future of Financing (C)
By Lee Fleming and Olav Sorenson

Cancel Culture: Corporations Flock to Carbon Offsets to Solve their Climate Problem, but do Offsets Truly Reduce Emissions?
By Andrew Isaacs and Natàlia Costa i Coromina

Carbon180 in 2021: New Challenges for a New Era
By Andrew Isaacs and Natàlia Costa i Coromina

Community Coalition: How One Organization Achieves Successful Leadership Succession
By Nora Silver

Corporate Greenwashing: Are Environmental Claims Just Empty Promises?
By Andrew Isaacs and Natàlia Costa i Coromina

Father Joe’s Villages: How a One-Stop-Shop Tackles Homelessness in San Diego
By Sara Beckman

Generation Z: Does Climate Change Concern Match Knowledge?
By Andrew Isaacs and Natàlia Costa i Coromina

Groupelephant 2021: Beyond Corporate Purpose
By Flavio Feferman and Mike Grandinetti

Hope and Grit: How Human-Centered Product Design Enhanced Student Mental Health
By Dave Rochlin

Leading Through Influence at Scale: Open Source Security at the Linux Foundation
By Henry W. Chesbrough

Little Tokyo Service Center: "Welcome to Little Tokyo, Please Take Off Your Shoes"
By Nora Silver

Responsible A.I.: Tackling Tech’s Largest Corporate Governance Challenges
By Kellie McElhaney, Genevieve Smith, Ishita Rustagi, and Olaf Groth

San Francisco Department of Public Health: Leading Through the COVID-19 Crisis
By Jennifer Chatman

San Rafael: How Uncommon Stakeholder Alliances Reduced Chronic Homelessness
By Sara Beckman



Barça Innovation Club: Getting the Ball Rolling on Innovation
By Henry Chesbrough, Ivanka Visnjic, Albert Mundet, and Georg Volwahsen

The Cloud Computing Industry
By Wasim Azhar and Akshai Parthasarathy

Connect-in-Place: Startup Disrupts Socializing and Learning During COVID-19
By Andrew Isaacs and Natàlia Costa i Coromina

Food Forward: How Volunteer Teams Move Surplus Produce from Tree to Table
By Nora L. Silver

Goodbaby: How a Chinese Underdog Became a World Leader Through Open Innovation
By Henry Chesbrough and Andy Zhu

International Data Spaces: A Collaborative Organizational Moonshot
By Henry Chesbrough and Agnieszka Radziwon

LA-Más: Can Co-Leadership Improve Outcomes for Organizations and the Communities they Serve?
By Nora L. Silver and Stella Chung

Maire Tecnimont: The Creation of NextChem
By Henry Chesbrough and Carlo Nicolais

Revolution Foods: Addressing Food Insecurity During the Pandemic (B)
By Jennifer Walske and Laura D'Andrea Tyson

Seaview Investors: Hotel Private Equity Firm Finds New Demand in COVID-19 Pandemic
By Peter D. Goodson and Hannah D. Greenberg

Theranos: How Did a $9 Billion Health Tech Startup End Up DOA?    AWARD WINNER  
By Ernesto Dal Bó and Guo Xu

Using Data Analytics and Visualization in Accounting and Auditing at Toby Biotech Inc.
By Tiffany Rasmussen



Bosch: Scaling Large Company Innovation for Strategic Advantage
By Andre Marquis, Mark Searle, and Diana Jovin

ENEL X: Driving Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector    AWARD WINNER  
By Henry Chesbrough

Ethereum: Navigating the Blockchain's Sustainability Versus Profit Dilemma
By Ernesto Dal Bó and Guo Xu

Google's Dragonfly: The Ethics of Providing a Censored Search Engine in China
By Ernesto Dal Bó and Guo Xu

Medinas Health: Building a Medical Equipment Marketplace
By Don Moore, Marieshka Barton, and Robert Girling

Niantic Labs and the Professional Entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley: Google, Pokémon Go, and Beyond (C)
By Jerome S. Engel

Niantic Labs and the Professional Entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley: Google, Pokémon Go, and Beyond (Consolidated)
By Jerome S. Engel

Waste not, want not: Eliminating Patagonia's Pre- and Post-Consumer Textile Waste
By Rachel Dzombak, Clayton Critcher, Henry Chesbrough, Kate O'Neill, Seren Pendleton-Knoll, Christine Rosen, and Robert Strand

Zoom: The Challenge of Scaling with COVID-19 on the Horizon (A)
By Andrew Isaacs and Brandon Chan

Zoom: Pivoting to Serve the Surge of COVID-19 Users (B)
By Andrew Isaacs and Brandon Chan



Amyris, Inc: Make good. No compromise.
By J. Miguel Villas-Boas and Juan Guillermo Norero

The Berkeley-Haas School of Business: Codifying, Embedding, and Sustaining Culture (B)
By Jennifer A. Chatman and Richard K. Lyons

Carbon180: Choosing a Winning Strategy for Carbon Removal
By Andrew Isaacs and Elis Valeria Anginski Cotosky

Cooks First or Rules First?'s Regulatory Struggles in the Shared Economy
By Molly Turner

General Mills: Driving Food Systems Change through Regenerative Agriculture
By William Rosenzweig, Toby Stuart, Elaine Hsu, Emily Pelissier, and Christina Skonberg

Niantic Labs and the Professional Entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley: Google, Pokémon Go, and Beyond (B)
By Jerome S. Engel

Oakland Athletics: Reinventing the Fan Experience and Business Model
By Dave Rochlin

Okta For Good: Pursuing Innovation and Impact in Corporate Social Responsibility
By Andrew Isaacs, Natàlia Costa i Coromina, and Adam Rosenzweig

Patagonia: Closing the Loop on Packaging Pollution     AWARD WINNER  
By Sara Beckman, Kate O'Neill, Seren Pendleton-Knoll, William Rosenzweig, and Robert Strand

Promoting a Culture of Equity in the #MeToo Era: Moving Beyond Responding to Gender-Related Workplace Issues to Tackling Root Causes
By Kellie A. McElhaney, Genevieve Smith, and Margi Goelz

Zendesk: Building Female Leaders Through Mentorship
By Kellie McElhaney, Ana Claire Mancia, and Ishita Rustagi



Abra: A Global P2P Payment Solution
By David Charron and Denisse Halm

BAYCAT: How a New Hybrid Nonprofit Model is Creating Sustainability and Driving Social Change
By Andrew Isaacs

Burning Man: Moving from a For-Profit to a Nonprofit, the Ultimate Act of Gifting
By Jennifer Walske

Disruption in Detroit: Ford, Silicon Valley, and Beyond (B)
By Ernest Gundling

Eyeo's Adblock Plus: Consumer Movement or Advertising Toll Booth?
By Zsolt Katona and Miklos Sarvary

Grameen America: The Pivotal Role of Technology in Scaling
By Jennifer M. Walske, Elizabeth Foster, and Laura D. Tyson

Innovation, Co-Creation, and Design Thinking: How Salesforce's Ignite Team Accelerates Enterprise Digital Transformation
By Sara L. Beckman

Innovating Innovation @tk
By Henry Chesbrough

Patagonia's Path to Carbon Neutrality by 2025     AWARD WINNER  
By Daniel M. Kammen, Paul Hendricks, Seren Pendleton-Knoll, Vincent Stanley, and Robert Strand

Prototyping a Scalable Smart Village (B)
By Solomon Darwin

Sproutel: How Design Roadmapping Helped Improve Children's Health & Guide a Growing Company
By Sara Beckman, Euiyoung Kim, and Alice M. Agogino

Sustainability Through Open Innovation: Carlsberg and the Green Fiber Bottle
By Henry Chesbrough, Marcel Bogers, and Robert Strand

Young Guru Academy: Culture and the Return on Investment
By Kristiana Raube and Jeanne Godleski



The Berkeley Haas School of Business: Codifying, Embedding, and Sustaining Culture
By Jennifer Chatman

Better Ventures: Backing Entrepreneurs Building a Better World
By Jennifer Walske and Laura Tyson

Bridges Fund Management: Navigating Changes in the Political Economy
By Jennifer Walske and Laura D'Andrea Tyson

Eliminating the Gender Pay Gap: Gap Inc. Leads the Way     AWARD WINNER  
By Kellie McElhaney and Genevieve Smith

The Leith Society: Managing International Growth for a Professional Development and Networking Firm
By Paul Tiffany

Prototyping a Scalable Smart Village to Simultaneously Create Sustainable Development and Enterprise Growth Opportunities
By Solomon Darwin and Henry Chesbrough

Reversing Climate Change Through Sustainable Food: Patagonia Provisions Attempts to Scale a "Big Wall"
by William Rosenzweig, Alastair Iles, Seren Pendleton-Knoll, and Robert Strand

Roche Pakistan: Turning Around an Organization Through Cultural Transformation
By Jennifer Chatman

Rocket Fuel: Measuring the Effectiveness of Online Advertising
By Zsolt Katona

Rewarding Consumers for Recycling Packaging: Kimberly-Clark Seeks Shared Value
By Sara Beckman, Stefanie Robinson, and Seren Pendleton-Knoll



Cannabusiness in Washington, D.C.
By Rui de Figueiredo, Jamaur Bronner, Alvi Mohsin, and Deena Malaeb

Disruption in Detroit: Ford, Silicon Valley, and Beyond
By Ernest Gundling

Flexibility at Genentech: Developing Versatile Domain Experts and Deploying Flexible Resources at One U.S. Medical Affairs Unit
By Homa Bahrami and Stuart Evans

Google and Niantic Labs: The Professional Entrepreneur and Innovation in Silicon Valley (A)
By Jerome S. Engel

Innovation at ENEL: From Monopoly Power to Open Power
By Henry Chesbrough

Levi Strauss & Co.: Driving Adoption of Green Chemistry
By Robert Strand

Patagonia: Driving Sustainable Innovation by Embracing Tensions     AWARD WINNER  
By Dara O'Rourke and Robert Strand

Sanergy: Tackling Sanitation in Kenyan Slums
By Jennifer Walske and Laura Tyson

Single Stop USA: Scaling the Model
By Kristiana Raube

Telefónica: A Lean Elephant
By Henry Chesbrough, Susana J Apruzzese, and Maria De Olano Mata

Virgin America
By Adam Berman and Frank C. Schultz



3D Robotics: Disrupting the Drone Market
By Toby Stuart

Back to the Roots Ventures (BTTR)    AWARD WINNER  
By Jorge Calderon and Nishant Bagadia

Fair Trade USA: Scaling for Impact
By Jennifer Walske and Laura D. Tyson Going "Beyond Corporate Purpose"
By Flavio Feferman

HCL's Digital Open Innovation
By Solomon Darwin

Legrand: Lightening Their (Electricity) Load
By Omar Romero-Hernandez

Maddie's Fund: Building Community and Collaboration Against All Odds
By Jane Wei-Skillern

Nimble Storage: Scaling Talent Strategy Amidst Hyper-Growth
By Homa Bahrami

Resilience at InterMune: A Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death
By Homa Bahrami

Revolution Foods: Expansion into the CPG Market
By Laura Tyson and Jennifer Walske



Annie's: Growing Organically
By Bill Fanning

Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI): A Strategic Inflection Point
By Brent Copen

Castlight Health: Disrupting the Health Care Industry     AWARD WINNER  
By Kristiana Raube

Chez Panisse: Building an Open Innovation Ecosystem
By Henry Chesbrough, Sohyeong Kim, and Alice Agogino

Debra Cullinan and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
By Laura Callanan, Jane Wei-Skillern, and Amy O'Callaghan

The Energy Foundation: Catalyzing and Adapting Networks in China
By Jane Wei-Skillern

Fish Friendly Farming: Water, Wine, and Fish - Sustainable Agriculture for a Thirsty World
By Ernest Gundling

James Houghton and Signature Theater
By Laura Callanan, Jane Wei-Skillern, and Prentice Onayemi

J.C.Penney: Activist Investors and the Rise and Fall of Ron Johnson
By David Robinson

Juhudi Kilimo: Designing Microfinance Staff Incentive Plans
By Kristiana Raube

Maersk Line: B2B Social Media
By Zsolt Katona and Miklos Sarvary

Napo Pharmaceuticals: Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet, and Profits
By Kristiana Raube

Real-Time Leadership at Fabrinet: Navigating Through the 2011 Thailand Flood Crisis
By Homa Bahrami and Stuart Evans

Theaster Gates: Artist as Catalyst for Community Development
By Laura Callanan, Jane Wei-Skillern, and Prentice Onayemi

Thrive or Revive? The Kaiser Permanente "Thrive" Marketing Programs
By Kristiana Raube and Lynn Upshaw

UCSF Diabetes Center: Catalyzing Collaborative Innovation
By Homa Bahrami

The William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund: Catalyzing Networks and Collaboration
By Jane Wei-Skillern



Coach McKeever: Unorthodox Leadership Lessons from the Pool
By Holly A. Schroth

Genentech Immunology and Ophthalmology (GIO): Culture Change to Drive Business Results
By Jennifer A. Chatman

Intellikine: Build-to-Sell in Biotech
By Larry Lasky

Name Your Poisson: A Case of Fishy Decision-making
By Benjamin E. Hermalin

Netflix: Pricing Decision 2011
By David Robinson and Max Oltersdorf

People Operations at Mozilla Corporation: Scaling a Peer-to-Peer Global Community    AWARD WINNER  
By Homa Bahrami

Zoosk: Pivoting to Win the Dating Game
By Naeem Zafar



Alphabet Energy     AWARD WINNER  
By Beverly Alexander, Adam Boscoe, Mason Cabot, Philip Dawsey, Luc Emmanuel Barreau, and Russell Griffith

Amici's East Coast Pizzeria
By Naeem Zafar and Jack Fuchs

GE's Ecomagination Challenge: An Experiment in Open Innovation
By Henry W. Chesbrough

Han Solar and the Green Supply Chain
By Omar Romero-Hernandez, Tony Kingsbury, Sergio Romero, and Celeste Lindsay

OncoMed Pharmaceuticals: Novel Anti-Cancer Stem Cell Therapeutics
By Larry Lasky

PixSense: Go-To-Market Strategy
By Naeem Zafar

Proteolix: A "Me-Too" Success
By Larry Lasky

SpeedSim: Made to Exit!
By Naeem Zafar

VMware Cloud Foundry
By Andrew Isaacs, Sam Kanakamedala, and Lisa Reed

By Andrew Isaacs and Kristin Schaefer

Webasto: Co-Creating Innovation with Lead Users
By Henry W. Chesbrough and Alexander Stern



Coach Clark: It's Not About Winning. It's About Getting Better
By Holly A. Schroth

The Business Model of a University Research Lab
By Henry W. Chesbrough and Ze'ev R. Abrams

McDonald's 55 Cent Promotion
By David Robinson

Valuing a Microfinance Institution (Or Private Growth Enterprise): Dealing with Uncertainty
By Sean Foote and Brian Busch

Veridicom: If You Build It, They Will Come
By Naeem Zafar



MasterCard vs. Visa: The Fight for Mobile Payments
By Frank Schultz and Panyisa Samatadol



Interuniversity Microelectronics Center (IMEC)
By Henry W. Chesbrough and Lola Odusanya



Back to the Future: The Evolution of Sun Microsystems' Business Model (1982 to 2007)
By Henry W. Chesbrough and Margarita Constantinides



By Rashi Glazer

DreamCycles: Sustaining Growth
By Rashi Glazer, Hans Grande, Phil Guindi, Joe Karp, and Phil Robinson

The Energy Biosciences Institute: A Novel Partnership or a Sellout?
By Henry W. Chesbrough and Aileen Desoto

E-Stamp: "No Licking, No Sticking, Just Clicking"
By Rashi Glazer, Rain Anderson, Marc Caltaiano, Junko Finke, and Edmund Wong

Focal Point Solutions
By Rashi Glazer, Henry Isakari, Lack Lin, and Yassi Mitsui

Genentech: Introduction of the First Therapy for Acute Stroke
By Rashi Glazer, John Bressler, David Liu, Tom Lee, Michael Margulies, and Greg Vontz

HP Gaming
By Andrew Isaacs and Leland Hedges

By Rashi Glazer, Sunil Bhasin, Satya Bommireddy, and Hensen Mou

SegaSoft Networks: Multi-player Online Gaming
By Rashi Glazer, Mbissane Ba, Charles Frizelle, Amaresh Iyer, and Rich Pearson

Vantive Corporation Customer Interaction Software
By Rashi Glazer, James Bergkamp, Scott Linkcke, Prasad Sabada, and Ken Chulz

Wild Planet Toys and E-Commerce: When Should a Manufacturer Become an E-Tailer?
By Rashi Glazer, Karen Levine, David Katz, and Karen Zelmar



Making the Case Method Work for You
By Adam Berman and Jesse Purewal

Craigslist Online Community
By David Robinson, Kara Cosby, Gene Gay, and Jason Saculles

Dolby Laboratories Inc.
By Rashi Glazer, John Bellinger, Mike Schoonover, Josie Taylor, and Stacey Grace

Oh Behave! -- Fuller and Thaler Asset Management
By Ethan Namvar

PAX Scientific
By Andrew Isaacs and Onno Koelman

TellMe Networks, Inc.
By Andrew Isaacs, Shane Kinder, and John Osvald

Yahoo! Connected Life
By Andrew Isaacs, Angus Maclaurain,and Andrew Taylor



Barr Rosenberg and Barra
By Ethan Namvar



Cisco Systems: Developing a Human Capital Strategy
By Jennifer A. Chatman and Charles A. O'Reilly

Mark Logic
By Andrew Isaacs and Emily Norman

WorldCom "Generation D"
By Bill Fanning

"XiaoLingTong": A Miracle for UTStarcom -- A Disruptive Tech in China?
By Jihong W. Sanderson



AsiaInfo: Technology Returning Chinese Startups in the 1990s
By Jihong W. Sanderson



The MU Chip
By Andrew Isaacs

RAPT Industries Inc.
By Andrew Isaacs, Jihong W. Sanderson, and Richard Velazquez



Bodacious Studios
By Ronald Star

zipRealty: Leading a Start-up to the Next Level (A)
By Jennifer A. Chatman



Palm Computing in 1994
By Rashi Glazer, B.J. Asirvatham, Tim Mai, Narayana Mani, and Paul Rogers


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