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Little Tokyo Service Center: "Welcome to Little Tokyo, Please Take Off Your Shoes"
Silver, Nora L.
Publication date: 7/1/2022, pages 1-14

Little Tokyo Service Center (LTSC), a nonprofit founded in Los Angeles in 1979, has sought to honor tradition yet defend against gentrification and displacement where demographics shifted dramatically. LTSC has managed growth from its roots as a multipurpose social service center for Japanese Americans to building affordable housing for all. Multi-ethnic shifts through history include WWII incarceration camps, growing homelessness in Skid Row, and multiple ethnicities moving into Little Tokyo. In 2022, First Street North required LTSC balancing longstanding stakeholders with newer residents. Could leadership manage the reputational risks of developing in a high-visibility cultural space, legacy businesses, and permanent supportive housing that met all constituents’ expectations?

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