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Veridicom (A): If You Build It, They Will Come
Zafar, Naeem
Publication date: 6/17/2011, pages 1-18

The Veridicom case study focuses on how a startup company identifies a potential promising opportunity. The case study focuses on Veridicom, a silicon fingerprint sensor company, launched in 1997. The (A) case focuses on the history and the founding of Veridicom, as well as the issues the company faced in the first few years (leadership, strategy and market issues, as well as product issues). The case also discusses the change of leadership one year into the startup. The (B) case shows what happened and how the company ultimately did not succeed. The (B) case also provides reflections and thoughts from key players involved with the company, including their views as to why the company failed. Please note: This case also has a (B) supplement available.

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