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Juhudi Kilimo: Designing Microfinance Staff Incentive Plans (A)
Raube, Kristiana
Publication date: 2/19/2014, pages 1-19

Nat Robinson, the 32-year old CEO of Juhudi Kilimo, is faced with how to best implement an incentive plan among the microfinancing institution's (MFI) 78 employees. Established in 2004, Juhudi Kilimo provides microloans to Kenya's rural population and had 10,000 customers at year-end 2012. With a new round of capital, their goal is to scale-up and increase its customer base to 100,000 by the end of 2015. Robinson now wonders how he can best design an incentive plan that will allow the MFI to reach this goal most efficiently and effectively. Please note: This case also has (B) supplement available.

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