Building India’s Leading E-Commerce Company: mjunction takes a LEAP

by Saikat Chaudhuri

Mjunction is India's largest private sector e-commerce company by transaction value, and is more profitable than the oft fancied Flipkart, Walmart Snapdeal, and Amazon India. This Kolkata-based B2B player created an e-auction platform for coal and steel, and evolved to become the leading provider of digital marketplaces for metals, agro-commodities, and closed the second largest sports broadcast rights sale in history - for the Indian Premier League (IPL). With its cutting-edge technology solutions and sophisticated market design capabilities, mjunction epitomizes original emerging market innovation. Top management dilemmas include determining the next disruptive growth area, best globalization strategy, and significant margin drivers.

Learning Objectives

1. Gain insights on building an innovative, cutting-edge company in an emerging market with the potential to take its success global.
2. Determine strategic choices of founding and growth, novel processes for entrepreneurship and innovation, organizational structure and governance selections including the impact of being part of a conglomerate, globalization approaches, attracting talent under such conditions, and leadership adaptation through the stages of growth.
3. Expand students' horizons and toolkits beyond the known innovation approaches typically created by Silicon Valley (e.g., fail fast and often, incur losses for long periods before experiencing profitability, obtain large rounds of financing to quickly grow), and debate the merit and generalizability of alternative practices in the spirit of questioning the status quo.
4. Draw attention to the opportunities in B2B and industrial innovation, beyond the B2C markets which tend to be in popular focus and trendy.


Pub Date: July 1, 2024

Discipline: Innovation

Keywords: Breakthrough innovation, Business model innovation, Innovation, Process innovation, Technological innovation, Entrepreneurship, Auctions, Corporate strategy

Product #: B6062-PDF-ENG

Industry: Online auctions, Sports, Agribusiness, Media

Geography: India, Silicon Valley

Length: 11 page(s)

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