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Proteolix: A "Me-Too" Success
Lasky, Larry
Publication date: 8/1/2012, pages 1-14

In an industry rife with failures, Proteolix, a biotechnology company, was a rare success. The Proteolix case provides a compelling example of a biotech company that has chosen a "me-too" strategy, a less risky strategy than the strategy of discovering a drug for a novel target. However, even me-too drug strategies in the biotech industry face an uphill battle. The protagonist, Susan Molineaux, along with her team, faced many challenges along the way and the case study provides students with a map of some of her key decisions at important points in the company’s history. The case study asks students to evaluate Molineaux’s and her team’s decisions and to identify the company’s drivers of success. The Proteolix case also allows students to understand the biotechnology industry, its unique challenges, and the particular challenges facing a me-too drug company that is attempting to dislodge a drug to treat life-threatening indications.

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