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Seaview Investors: Hotel Private Equity Firm Finds New Demand in COVID-19 Pandemic
Goodson, Peter , and Hannah Greenberg
Publication date: 7/1/2021, pages 1-19

In mid-March 2020, Newport Beach-based Seaview Investors - a private equity firm that owned a portfolio of hotel franchises in California - was hard hit by the global COVID-19 pandemic, similar to many other entities in the hospitality industry as both business and leisure travel were sharply curtailed at that time, due an initial "Shelter-at-Home" order issued throughout most of the state. Forced into developing a new game plan, Seaview immediately adopted a "breakeven or bust" mentality, with its only primary concern being to survive the pandemic on a breakeven cashflow basis, without endangering the health of hotel staff or guests. To achieve this "breakeven or bust" goal and to navigate through the crisis, Robert Alter, the CEO of Seaview and a veteran hotel operator, hand-picked an internal, cross-functional Crisis Management Team (CMT), made up of managers and executives from different properties and disciplines.

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