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Sproutel: How Design Roadmapping Helped Improve Children's Health & Guide a Growing Company

by Sara L. Beckman, Euiyoung Kim, and Alice Agogino

Sproutel: How Design Roadmapping Helped Improve Children's Health & Guide a Growing Company
This case aims to introduce students to the 'design roadmapping' process that connects customer and user experience design with product and technology roadmapping to create an integrated plan for future growth and development. Explicit consideration of customers in the roadmapping process places customers much more centrally in the strategic planning process than has traditionally been done. The setting for the case is a seven-year old start-up company, Sproutel, that began as a college project and whose success so far has come about in part due to the use of design roadmapping.

Learning Objectives

1. Explain the five-step design roadmapping process with its focus on user needs. 2. Describe one startup company's experience developing their first product by going through the design roadmapping process. 3. Describe the advantages of following this user-centered approach especially in today's fast-moving business environment. Allow students to apply the design roadmapping process to deepen their understanding of how it works. 4. Explore other roadmapping processes to enable students to compare the pros and cons for using them in various types of businesses in various stages of development.


Pub Date:Mar 31, 2018

Discipline: General Management

Subjects: Concept stage, Development stage, Niche markets, Startup stage, Business plans, Product development, Product management, Children & youth, Health

Product #: B5910-PDF-ENG

Industry: Healthcare

Geography: United States, Rhode Island

Length: 14 page(s)

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