International Data Spaces: A Collaborative Organizational Moonshot

by Henry Chesbrough and Agnieszka Radziwon

In March 2021 Reinhold Achatz, the Thyssenkrupp CTO and chairman of the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) celebrates the realization of the Minimum Viable Product version of the Mobility Data Space. This was a collaborative effort of Fraunhofer and several industrial partners, which, thanks to generous support from the German government, established IDSA to set, diffuse and implement a dominant global B2B data standard. Meanwhile, in 2019 the German and French governments launched an IDSA sister organization - GAIA X, labeled a ‘Moonshot in digital politics’, which will offer a base to develop a European Cloud. Is IDSA pursuing the right collaborative activities to encourage wide standard adoption while maintaining its identity and legacy? And will IDSA be able to offer low-cost and large access solutions that might balance the power of hyperscalers (such as Facebook and Google) through a distributed data platform?

Learning Objectives

The case offers instruction to students in 1. Developing a perspective on what factors influence collaborative standard development; 2. Identifying and analyzing potential collaborative standard implementation challenges and related relational tensions; 3. Deriving and critically evaluating the potential collaborative and non-collaborative scenarios of further actions.


Pub Date: July 1, 2021

Discipline: Innovation and technology

Subjects: Open innovation, Digital transformation, Strategy

Product #: B5983-PDF-ENG

Industry: Technology

Geography: Germany

Length: 14 page(s)

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