Maire Tecnimont: The Creation of NextChem

by Henry Chesbrough and Carolo Nicolais

Maire Tecnimont is an international leader in the engineering and construction of industrial plants. Since its founding in 1983, the company has expanded through a series of strategic acquisitions, maintaining a focus on industrial solutions based on the latest technology. Maire Tecnimont's specialization and extensive commitment to digitalization have made the company an attractive partner to large energy and chemical companies like Exxon and Gazprom. Over the recent years, new developments in green chemistry have drawn the attention of the company. Green chemistry promises to revolutionize the energy industry by sustainably using waste, biological materials, and other uncommon sources as feedstock inputs to value-added chemical and petrochemical processes. To meet growing demands in this complex and emerging industry, Maire Tecnimont established NextChem, a subsidiary company that would work with clients to develop industrial transformation plants colocated near the source of raw input materials. Green chemistry is a new arena for Maire Technimont, presenting many opportunities for innovation - from new ways of managing waste to the design of plants that can operate autonomously.

Learning Objectives

1. Explain and illustrate new business models available under Green Chemistry 2. Examine the benefits and challenges of organizing a large, legacy company to continue to execute its traditional business, while also focusing on the new opportunities in a new business 3. Connect Open Innovation and environmental sustainability


Pub Date: May 1, 2021

Discipline: Innovation and Technology

Subjects: Open innovation, Technological innovation, Green business, Industrial development

Product #: B5973-PDF-ENG

Industry: Energy and Natural Resources

Geography: Italy

Length: 9 page(s)

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