Flexibility at Genentech: Developing Versatile Domain Experts and Deploying Flexible Resources at One U.S. Medical Affairs Unit

by Homa Bahrami and Stuart Evans

The Genentech Spectrum case is about infusing flexibility in a medical unit of a global biotechnology company. The protagonist is Mauricio Silva de Lima, M.D., Ph.D., Vice President of U.S. Medical Affairs for the unit. The case focuses on his team's key challenges in a highly uncertain, fluid context. These include deploying a team of specialized domain experts through program terminations (starts and stops), allocating resources efficiently during a program's life cycle, and measuring the concrete impact of key strategic initiatives.

Learning Objectives

a. To understand organizational challenges facing a knowledge-intensive organization that operates in a risky & dynamic setting b. To describe key initiatives introduced to increase flexibility in deploying highly specialized domain experts c. To examine new organizational practices that strike a balance between flexible use of experts, and efficient deployment of resources


Pub Date: Sep 30, 2016

Discipline: Organizational Behavior

Subjects: Health care, Reorganization, Portfolio management, Innovation, Leadership, Change management, Teams, Cross functional management, Knowledge management, Hiring & employment, Organizational culture, Strategic planning, Product development, Product life cycle, Flexibility

Product #: B5877-PDF-ENG

Industry: Health care services,Biotechnology,Pharmaceuticals

Geography: United States, California, Silicon Valley

Length: 19 page(s)

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