Cannabusiness in Washington D.C.

by Rui J.P. de Figueiredo Jr., Jamaur Bronner, Mohsin Alvi, and Deena Malaeb

The cannabusiness case study focuses on entrepreneur Corey Barnette, owner of cultivation center District Growers and dispensary Metropolitan Wellness Center, two partially vertically integrated cannabis businesses. The case study examines the challenges facing a business owner in a new and highly regulated market, including finding access to capital, making compliance investments, and building political connections. The case also explores the history of cannabis in the United States, and how the 'War on Drugs' gave rise to an uneven playing ground for minorities wishing to be a part of the legal cannabis industry - one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Barnette, an African-American, was able to overcome many of the barriers to entry facing minorities due to his MBA degree and background as an investment banker. As Barnette considers his growth strategy, he must evaluate how to leverage his influence as a visible figure in the DC community, whether vertical integration is advantageous and which segments of his businesses are value drivers, and how to more effectively compete within DC and beyond.

Learning Objectives

-characterize industry structure by applying a classic 5-forces framework -describe how an early industry matures as a function of time and market shaping forces -develop insights on how to be an effective player in a fledgling industry, including: -Factors that make vertical integration an effective forward integration move -The role of non-market forces in drastically altering the landscape of more regulated industries, and how influential players can become market shapers -The necessity for growth strategies and competitive responses to consider where value driving opportunities lie today and in the future -Identify and assess capabilities of entrepreneurs, paying close attention to unique challenges faced by underrepresented minorities in emerging industries


Pub Date: Sep 30, 2016

Discipline: Strategy

Subjects: Vertical integration, Government policy, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership, Diversity, Market analysis, Partnerships, Growth strategy, Government regulations

Product #: B5879-PDF-ENG

Industry: Regulation

Geography: District of Columbia

Length: 20 page(s)

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