Flourish Fi: Empowering Positive Money Habits

by Gloria Lee, Christopher Bernhart, Kyle Dickey, and Alexandra Ferreira

Flourish’s co-founders met in a UC Berkeley Haas MBA course and - motivated by financial adversity in their own families - aimed to make saving money attainable and rewarding for people lacking a financial safety net. The company’s first product was a mobile app that leveraged gamification to incentivize users to develop and maintain positive financial behavior. In 2020, the company began licensing its technology to banks, fintechs, and credit unions, mostly in Latin America. Flourish couldn’t invest in both B2C and B2B products simultaneously. What business model would maximize social impact, scale, and financial sustainability, enabling Flourish to fulfill its mission?

Learning Objectives

1. Explore the application of frameworks to evaluate a mission-focused organization’s efficacy, financial sustainability, and scale.
2. Engage in strategic decision-making, considering how decisions in early-stage organizations may affect long-term impact.
3. Understand the tensions and tradeoffs of balancing: social impact, financial health, and scale.


Pub Date: April 1, 2024

Discipline: Strategy

Keywords: Mission, Strategy, Business model development, Business model innovation, Business models, Corporate social responsibility, Social enterprise, Social entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Social innovation

Product #: B6056-PDF-ENG

Industry: Financial Services, Banking

Geography: Latin America, United States

Length: 10 page(s)

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