Just Climate: A New Investment Model?

by Jillian Grennan and Laura D. Tyson

Just Climate was developed to provide investors with effective climate change solutions in light of the limitations of successful investment strategies. Just Climate, founded by Al Gore and David Blood, attracted investors seeking both financial returns and effective climate solutions in major carbon-intensive industries. The visionary leaders focused on investments and industries overlooked by sustainable investors, including steel production and construction. This case provides an excellent opportunity to discuss sustainable investment and the backlash against it. It’s a compelling narrative of innovation in sustainable investment, highlighting the balance between financial returns and environmental impact.

Learning Objectives

1. Analyze how Generation’s leaders developed and implemented a new investment model different from traditional PE models and the broader sustainable investment strategies such as environmental, governance, and social (ESG) integration strategies. 2. Evaluate the challenges and opportunities associated with pioneering investment models in climate change mitigation, including risk management, investor attraction, and impact measurement. 3. Assess the role of innovation in sustainable finance by critically analyzing Just Climate's unique focus on high-impact climate investments in carbon-intensive industries, exploring its potential to influence global efforts in combating climate change and in creating a new paradigm for sustainable investing practices.


Pub Date: January 1, 2024

Discipline: Entrepreneurial Finance

Keywords: Environmental Sustainability, Sustainability, Business Model Innovation, Climate Change, Carbon Emissions

Product #: B6047-PDF-ENG

Industry: Energy & Natural Resources

Geography: United States

Length: 12 page(s)

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