San Francisco Department of Public Health: Leading Through the COVID-19 Crisis

by Jennifer Chatman and Laura Paxton Hassner

Health professional Jenna Bilinski knew her first day fighting the pandemic in San Francisco’s Department of Public Health COVID-19 Command Center would be hectic. In her first meeting in February 2020, Bilinski learned she was promoted to Operations Chief. Adding urgency, the City had just confirmed its first two COVID-19 cases. What she anticipated as a two-week assignment stretched on endlessly. Despite uncertainty about how to prevent and treat the new virus, Bilinski, RN, and Berkeley Haas EMBA, 2019 lead her team to operationalize decisions such as the City’s shelter-in-place order. How did she manage and motivate 470+ people and allocate scarce resources during a local and global crisis?


Pub Date: January 1, 2022

Discipline: General Management

Subjects: Crisis management, Enterprise agility, Leadership, Public health services

Product #: B5993-PDF-ENG

Industry: Public health

Geography: California

Length: 10 page(s)

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