Father Joe’s Villages: How a One-Stop-Shop Tackles Homelessness in San Diego

by Sara Beckman

Father Joe’s Villages (FJV), a nonprofit in San Diego, California, seeks to prevent and end homelessness. FJV developed a wide variety of support from housing, meals, health care, after-school programs, employment support, vocational training, and chaplaincy. FJV is relatively unique in tackling homelessness in the US - striving to be a 'one-stop-shop' for people experiencing homelessness. Others (see companion case study San Rafael: How Uncommon Stakeholder Alliances Reduced Chronic Homelessness) distribute services, making them harder to coordinate and access. Students can consider the complex systems nature of homelessness and how organizations such as FJV may centralize social services via outsourcing or partnerships.

Learning Objectives

The FJV case aims to provide students with the opportunity to better understand homelessness in the U.S., to appreciate the systems nature of this complex challenge, and to think through how to design options for addressing the challenge. In conjunction with the San Rafael: How Uncommon Stakeholder Alliances Reduced Chronic Homelessness case, the FJV case allows students to consider the pros and cons of centralized or vertically integrated organizations versus highly coordinated, but decentralized structures for tackling social challenges like homelessness.


Pub Date: October 1, 2022

Discipline: Corporate Social Responsibility

Subjects: Nonprofit Organizations, Systems Design, Systems Theory, Complex Systems, Social Assistance, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Equality

Product #: B6011-PDF-ENG

Industry: Healthcare services, Social advocacy organization, Nonprofit sector

Geography: United States, California

Length: 8 page(s)

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