2021: Beyond Corporate Purpose

by Flavio Feferman and Mike Grandinetti

The case focuses on CEO Jonathan Tager as he grapples with expanding his company's Beyond Corporate Purpose: Elephants, Rhinos & People ('ERP') initiative, six years after its 2015 launch. originated from EPI-USE, a professional software and services firm, and the world’s largest independent SAP HR/Payroll specialist. Following a period of rapid corporate growth but waning enthusiasm for purely financial objectives, Tager decided to rebrand the Group and employ a hybrid (blended) business model to achieve business, environmental and social goals. Tager reflects on the various ERP programs and their impact on elephant and rhino welfare, through a strategy based on poverty alleviation in areas adjacent to the threatened species, in Southern Africa. The case also describes the effects of the ERP initiative and corporate rebranding on the core for-profit business. More broadly, the case study explores the benefits and challenges inherent in the hybrid business model, potential strategies for scaling the ERP initiative globally, the importance of 'purpose-driven leadership', and issues related to impact strategy and impact measurement. Drawing on recent trends, it also prompts students to discuss whether company leaders have a responsibility (or an implicit mandate) to actively engage in advocacy and devote significant resources to social and environmental objectives.

Learning Objectives

To teach students about CSR strategies and hybrid (blended) business models, the role 'purpose' in a corporate setting, theory of change and impact measurement, while highlighting an innovative corporate model. Discuss the challenges and tensions related to adopting a new impact initiative with a hybrid business model (in lieu of a more traditional CSR program), and whether or not companies should devote significant resources to social and environmental goals.


Pub Date: January 1, 2022

Discipline: Social enterprise

Subjects: Business models, Corporate social responsibility, Social entrepreneurship, Emerging markets, Social enterprise, Developing countries

Product #: B5993-PDF-ENG

Industry: Information technology consulting services

Geography: South Africa

Length: 12 page(s)

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