Siemens Healthineers: A Digital Journey

by David Teece, Asta Pundziene, Tobias Gutmann, Frank Konopka, and Marc Schlichtner

The case delves into the digital transformation journey of Siemens Healthineers (SHS), a prominent player in the medical technology industry aiming to elevate the healthcare system. It centers around the development, launch, and growth of the company’s digital healthcare platform, teamplay. Despite the platform's success, SHS confronted significant challenges. The company relied heavily on its core MedTech business, and faced rapidly intensifying competition. The case examines Siemens Healthineers' strategic decisions in the face of these challenges. It highlights the importance of dynamic capabilities in addressing a rapidly changing environment and the need for continuous renewal in dynamic digital healthcare ecosystems.

Learning Objectives

1. To describe digital platforms and typologies, and the unique features they introduce into the product/service innovation play.
2. To understand the nuances of digital transformation in the healthcare sector, including the shift from product-centric to digital platform models and the challenges posed by digital transformation gaps.
3. To examine the concept of dynamic capabilities and their role in facilitating digital transformation.
4. To analyze the conflicts and tensions that can arise when an established company, like Siemens Healthineers, ventures into new digital business models while maintaining its traditional operations.


Pub Date: April 1, 2024

Discipline: Organizational Behavior

Keywords: Digital transformation, Health care, Leadership, Change management, Corporate culture, Innovation, Strategic planning, Cross-functional cooperation, New product development

Product #: B6054-PDF-ENG

Industry: Pharmaceuticals, Health care services

Geography: Germany, United States

Length: 14 page(s)

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