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Medinas Health: Building a Medical Equipment Marketplace

by Don Moore, Marieshka Barton, and Robert Girling

This case centers on the startup Medinas Health, a technology company based in Berkeley, California that aimed to increase the efficiency of the medical equipment market in the U.S. Chloe Alpert, Medinas Health’s CEO, envisioned a more sustainable healthcare industry and aimed to reduce waste and improve the financial bottom-line of hospitals. These goals led her to create a digital marketplace to help hospitals manage the sale and acquisition of used medical equipment. An active secondary market would reduce waste by putting used equipment to use and keeping it out of waste dumps. It could also improve a hospital’s financial bottom-line by enabling them to recover money by selling their used equipment. If Medinas Health could match surplus equipment to customer demand, they would simultaneously provide cost savings for all parties and reduce the volume of medical equipment entering the waste stream. Their challenge was to make it easy and convenient for medical facilities to promote reuse of medical equipment and to sell their surplus to other medical entities.

Learning Objectives

1.Understand how Medinas Health is reinventing the resale of medical equipment; 2. Discover how Medinas Health was able to raise start-up funding; 3. Gain an understanding of the importance of institutional knowledge, i.e. the combination of experiences, processes, data, expertise, values, and information possessed by company employees; 4. Provide students with an understanding of how big data and a digital marketplace can redefine an industry; and 5. Develop an understanding of the start-up challenges faced by a company in an established industry.


Pub Date: August 1, 2020

Discipline: Entrepreneurship

Subjects: Big data, Medical record confidentiality, Market opportunities, Data management, IT management, Sales management, Inventory

Product #: B5955-PDF-ENG

Industry: Healthcare

Geography: United States, California

Length: 9 page(s)

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