Patagonia: Closing the Loop on Packaging Pollution

by Sara L. Beckman, Kate O'Neill, Seren Pendleton-Knoll, William Rosenzweig, Robert Strand

Single-use packaging waste is invading all corners of the world. Wholesale change is urgently needed to create packaging that does not wreak havoc on our planet. Due to complicated and global packaging supply chains, the quest for viable and sustainable improvements requires collaboration, innovative technologies, forward-thinking companies, consumer demand, and new government incentives and laws. Patagonia believes a call-to-action is needed throughout the broader business community to not only innovate more environmentally responsible packaging solutions, but to share those solutions to solve a near irreversible crisis. Patagonia, a responsible business pioneer since its founding in 1973, creates apparel, outdoor gear, and food products consistent with its mission: 'We are in business to save our home planet.' This philosophy is evident throughout its business and its venture capital fund, Tin Shed Ventures. Patagonia is searching for solutions to mitigate its own contributions to the single-use packaging crisis.


Pub Date: Mar 31, 2019

Discipline: Social Enterprise

Subjects: Pollution, Recycling, Innovation, Society and business relations, Consumer behavior, Social responsibility, Green business

Product #: B5933-PDF-ENG

Industry: Retail & Consumer Goods,Administrative, support, waste management & remediation services

Geography: United States, California

Length: 23 page(s)

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