Berkeley Haas Case Series

Featured Cases

The Berkeley Haas School of Business: Codifying, Embedding, and Sustaining Culture
Dean Richard Lyons developed a new culture initiative at the Haas School of Business centered around the school's defining principles. (more)

Sustainability Through Open Innovation: Carlsberg and the Green Fiber Bottle
The famous Danish brewery used an open innovation approach in the development of its new sustainable Green Fiber Bottle. (more)

Innovation, Co-Creation, and Design Thinking: How Salesforce's Ignite Team Accelerates Enterprise Digital Transformation
The Salesforce Ignite team designs custom software for enterprise customers by focusing intently on user needs. (more)

BAYCAT: How a New Hybrid Nonprofit Model is Creating Sustainability and Driving Social Change
This hybrid nonprofit provides disadvantaged youth with the skills to get a job in media production. The organization also runs its own professional media studio, with many clients from the Fortune 500. (more)

Burning Man: Moving from a For-Profit to a Nonprofit, the Ultimate Act of Gifting
Each year, an expanse of Black Rock Desert is transformed into a vibrant temporary city. This case focuses on Burning Man as an organization, and the decision to adopt a nonprofit structure. (more)

Eliminating the Gender Pay Gap: Gap Inc.
Leads the Way

Gap made history in 2014 by becoming the first Fortune 500 company to announce that it pays female and male employees equally for equal work. (more)

Cannabusiness in Washington, D.C.
This case examines the challenges facing a team of entrepreneurs in the new and highly-regulated legal cannabis market. CEO Cory Barnette developed a growth strategy that could propel expansion within D.C. and beyond. (more)

Google and Niantic Labs: The Professional Entrepreneur and Innovation in Silicon Valley
This case examines the entrepreneurial career of John Hanke, the CEO of augmented reality company Niantic Labs which spun out from Google in 2015. (more)

Patagonia: Driving Sustainable Innovation by Embracing Tensions
This case examines the tensions that arise when Patagonia simultaneously pursues the dual sustainability and quality objectives embedded within its mission statement. (more)

Single Stop USA: Scaling the Model
This case examines one non-profit’s aim to reduce poverty nationwide by connecting low income families to a variety of critical services, ranging from low-cost health care and nutrition plans to education and financial aid. (more)

Fair Trade USA: Scaling for Impact
This case highlights the key challenges facing this established social organization, a leading third-party certifier of fair trade products. Established in 1998, Fair Trade sought to use market-based approaches to creating lasting social change. (more)

Revolution Foods: Expansion into the CPG Market
This case describes one company’s decision to expand its brand into the mainstream consumer sphere. Previously, the organization had found early success in producing award-winning healthy school lunches. (more)

Castlight Health: Disrupting the Health Care Industry
This award-winning case study examines SF-based Castlight Health, a company that aims to boost transparency and efficiency within the health care industry through the use of innovative reference-based pricing tools. (more)

3D Robotics: Disrupting the Drone Market
This case describes one forward-thinking company's pioneering entry into the consumer drone industry. Founder and former Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson has faced tough competition and rapidly evolving market conditions. (more)

Fish Friendly Farming: Water, Wine, and Fish -- Sustainable Agriculture for a Thirsty World
This case explores the impact of one environmental program’s mission to promote sustainable water practices in California vineyards. (more)

UCSF Diabetes Center: Catalyzing Collaborative Innovation
Diabetes remains one of the most prevalent diseases. This case reveals how a research team at UCSF has paved the way in developing new and innovative solutions to address the epidemic. (more)

Maersk Line: B2B Social Media
Traditionally, B2B companies have struggled to find appropriate audiences on social media. This case describes the launch of a highly-effective social media strategy by the largest container shipping company in the world. (more)

Annie's: Growing Organically
This case provides an example of how an effective marketing strategy allowed this innovative food company to expand rapidly into new product categories. (more)