Berkeley Haas Case Series

Company Collaboration


Partnering with Berkeley-Haas as a case study subject has many benefits for your organization.

  • Being featured in a Berkeley-Haas case could add value to the company‚Äôs brand, and the case can be promoted through press releases and other internal and external communications
  • Since the case study will be available online, a company can develop new personal relationships with external colleagues and companies
  • The case study process often leads to unexpected reflection and reconsideration of existing strategies that can influence critical, future organizational decisions
  • Case protagonists are often invited into the classroom to hear student discussions which often provide new and fresh ideas
  • Case protagonists also learn surprising insights based on interviews conducted with their own colleagues
  • Case protagonists and other participants can develop a close relationship with a Berkeley-Haas faculty member, often a world-class leader in a particular field
  • Case studies can serve as valuable educational tools for training within a company, oftentimes serving as the only comprehensive history of an organization
  • Case studies are never published without the written authority of the company, so sensitive information or non-public information is never released to the public or competitors

If you are interested in having a case study written about your organization, please don't hesitate to contact us.