General Requirements

  • Cases must have a Haas Faculty Sponsor as the lead (first listed) author.
  • Cases should have general editorial and pedagogical excellence.
  • Content must be of high interest to Undergraduate, MBA, and/or Executive Education programs.
  • Cases should be approximately 2,000 to 6,000 words in length.
  • All published cases must have written teaching notes.
  • Class testing, where students complete a formal quantitative assignment as part of the case analysis, is not required but is preferred and strongly encouraged.

If you are not a current Haas faculty member, you may still submit a case study for consideration. However, all cases must have a Haas faculty sponsor, who will be listed as the lead author. If you already have a fully developed case study, please contact us. If you are interested in developing a new case study, please consider consulting the Haas faculty directory to find a Haas faculty sponsor who may be interested in working with you on your case study.

Copyright Permissions Requirements

Authors must obtain copyright permission for all proprietary information that will be part of the case, regardless of whether it was obtained from a public source (e.g., logos, charts, figures, graphs, interviews). This is a critical (and the most often overlooked) requirement of publishing. Copyright acquisition is ALWAYS easier to obtain at the beginning of the case writing process than after the fact.

A case cannot be published or distributed until all necessary written permission has been submitted to the Berkeley-Haas Case Series.

To ensure that copyright permissions have been satisfied, please fill out all official forms prior to submission.