Berkeley Haas Case Series

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Google and Niantic Labs: The Professional Entrepreneur and Innovation in the Silicon Valley (A)
Engel, Jerome S.
Publication date: 7/1/2016, pages 1-26

The case focuses on the entrepreneurial career of John Hanke, a 1996 MBA graduate of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. It centers on whether Hanke should spin-out Niantic Labs and (1) How the different components of the "Culture of Innovation" ecosystem in the Bay Area impacted Hanke’s career; (2) How he created several start-ups before Google acquired his third one, Google Earth; (3) How he scaled-up Google’s Geo-products division that led to Google Maps and Google Street View; and (4) The importance of "time and place". This case also has a (B) supplement available.

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