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Thrive or Revive? The Kaiser Permanente "Thrive" Marketing Programs
Raube, Kristiana , and Lynn Upshaw
Publication date: 3/10/2014, pages 1-11

In the Fall of 2013, Christine Paige, Kaiser Permanente’s Senior Vice President of Marketing was preparing for an upcoming executive committee meeting in which she needed to recommend some critical changes to Kaiser’s long-running and successful "Thrive" marketing programs. Since launching the Thrive campaign in 2004, much had changed, particularly in the external environment in terms of the greater healthcare reforms and "me too" competition from other healthcare companies. Paige faced a series of issues: (1) How should Kaiser Permanente capitalize on the widespread success of its innovative Thrive healthcare marketing programs; (2) How could Kaiser’s marketing become even more accountable in terms of generating tangible membership gains; (3) What is Kaiser’s best marketing strategy moving forward, given the rise of competition that was mimicking its wellness approach; and (4) How could Kaiser’s marketing programs best weather what would likely be a difficult transition period when the controversial Affordable Care Act was fully implemented, beginning in 2014?

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