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Thrive or Revive? The Kaiser Permanente "Thrive" Marketing Programs
Raube, Kristiana , and Lynn Upshaw
Publication date: 3/10/2014, pages 1-11

In 2013, Christine Paige, Kaiser Permanente’s Senior Vice President of Marketing was preparing for critical changes in Kaiser’s long-running and successful "Thrive" marketing programs. Since launching the campaign in 2004, healthcare reforms changed the external environment and other healthcare companies mimicked its wellness approach. Paige faced a series of issues: (1) How should Kaiser capitalize on the success of its Thrive marketing programs; (2) How could Kaiser’s marketing become even more accountable; (3) What is Kaiser’s best marketing strategy, given the "me too" competition; and (4) How could they best weather the implementation of the controversial Affordable Care Act?

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