Berkeley Haas Case Series

Case Information

Name Your Poisson: A Case of Fishy Decision-making
Hermalin, Benjamin E.
Publication date: 5/1/2013, pages 1-4

The case concerns a fictitious chain of restaurants, Poisson’s. Different outlets have different amounts of wastage - or the amount of fish that has to be thrown away each day. The chain’s CEO, Christina Gauss, thinks the wastage figures represent a problem. To her, they indicate that too much fish is being thrown away. Using marginal analysis of the daily sales and wastage data available for a full-year that accompanies the case from two of Poisson's restaurants - one with low-wastage and the other with high-wastage - students are asked to identify what the problem at Poisson’s is and what which of the possible causes are most likely given the data.

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