Berkeley Haas Case Series

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SpeedSim (A): Made to Exit!
Zafar, Naeem
Publication date: 8/1/2012, pages 1-12

The SpeedSim case study focuses on how mergers and acquisitions work in startup and entrepreneurial environments. It describes how an intelligent East Coast engineer built an extremely frugal company with a goal for acquisition and how the SpeedSim team masterfully executed and maximized their return by starting, growing, and selling a company. The case analyzes the process of how small companies position themselves to be acquired and how an acquirer assesses a company. The case can be used for mergers and acquisition and exit discussions, as well as for culture and organizational behavior discussions for entrepreneurship curriculums. Please note: This case also has a (B) supplement available. The A case discusses how SpeedSim was built and what process they went through to get acquired. The B case addresses what happened after the acquisition and deals with the perspectives of the players and the challenges of the integration. Students are asked to evaluate how a company should go about establishing itself to be acquired and what decisions should be made in the earlier days of the startup. Students will also discuss how to create a successful acquisition and what factors contribute to the success of such an acquisition.

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