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Cannabusiness in Washington, D.C.
This case examines the challenges facing a team of entrepreneurs in the new and highly-regulated legal cannabis market. CEO Cory Barnette developed a growth strategy that could propel expansion within D.C. and beyond. (more)

Google and Niantic Labs: The Professional Entrepreneur and Innovation in Silicon Valley
This case examines the entrepreneurial career of John Hanke, the CEO of augmented reality company Niantic Labs which spun out from Google in 2015. (more)

Patagonia: Driving Sustainable Innovation by Embracing Tensions
This case examines the tensions that arise when Patagonia simultaneously pursues the dual sustainability and quality objectives embedded within its mission statement. (more)

Single Stop
examines one non-profit’s aim to reduce poverty nationwide by connecting low income families to a variety of critical services, ranging from low-cost health care and nutrition plans to education and financial aid. (more)

Fair Trade USA: Scaling for Impact
highlights the key challenges facing this established social organization, a leading third-party certifier of fair trade products. Established in 1998, Fair Trade sought to use market-based approaches to creating lasting social change. (more)

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Recent Cases

Better Ventures: Backing Entrepreneurs Building a Better World
By Jennifer Walske and Laura Tyson

Prototyping a Scalable Smart Village to Simultaneously Create Sustainable Development and Enterprise Growth Opportunities
By Solomon Darwin and Henry Chesbrough

Reversing Climate Change Through Sustainable Food: Patagonia Provisions Attempts to Scale a "Big Wall"     NEW  
by William Rosenzweig, Alastair Iles, Seren Pendleton-Knoll, and Robert Strand

Rewarding Consumers for Recycling Packaging: Kimberly-Clark Seeks Shared Value
By Sara Beckman, Stefanie Robinson, and Seren Pendleton-Knoll

Cannabusiness in Washington, D.C.
By Rui de Figueiredo, Jamaur Bronner, Alvi Mohsin, and Deena Malaeb

Flexibility at Genentech: Developing Versatile Domain Experts and Deploying Flexible Resources at One U.S. Medical Affairs Unit
By Homa Bahrami and Stuart Evans

Levi Strauss & Co.: Driving Adoption of Green Chemistry
By Robert Strand

Disruption in Detroit: Ford, Silicon Valley, and Beyond
By Ernest Gundling

Virgin America
By Adam Berman and Frank C. Schultz

Sanergy: Tackling Sanitation in Kenyan Slums
By Jennifer Walske and Laura Tyson

Google and Niantic Labs: The Professional Entrepreneur and Innovation in Silicon Valley  
By Jerome S. Engel

Innovation at ENEL: From Monopoly Power to Open Power
By Henry Chesbrough

Telefónica: A Lean Elephant
By Henry Chesbrough, Susana J Apruzzese, and Maria De Olano Mata

Patagonia: Driving Sustainable Innovation by Embracing Tensions
By Dara O'Rourke and Robert Strand

Single Stop USA: Scaling the Model
By Lynn Upshaw

Back to the Roots Ventures (BTTR)
By Jorge Calderon and Nishant Bagadia

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Resilience at InterMune: A Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

by Homa Bahrami

This case study is about a California-based biotechnology company that has experienced many ups and downs throughout its 17-year history. Despite many setbacks, it ultimately succeeded in developing and getting approval for an orphan drug used to treat IPF, a deadly lung disease. InterMune was acquired by Roche/Genentech for $8.3 billion in September 2014; the price represented a significant premium over InterMune’s trading price at the time. The protagonist, InterMune’s CEO, Dan Welch, joined the company in 2003 and has led InterMune through numerous strategic pivots, leadership changes, clinical trial disappointments, multiple divestitures, and ultimately the sale of the company.

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